Doggy Day Care

We guarantee your dog will enjoy the company and attention from staff during their stay at Afterglow

Day Care is a great way to exercise and socialise your dog whilst your out at work, shopping or just need a bit of peace and quiet at home!

Doggy Day Care Blackpool

Afterglow's Doggy Day Care is extremely popular. Drop your dog off on the way to work from 8:25am & pick up before 5:00pm - 5:45pm on your way home. Breakfast provided (unless on puppy food. Or on a special diet). This can be a one off booking, for days out, shopping trips, hospital appointments, relatives visiting etc. Or a regular booking. From £7:00- £7:50 per day depending on the size of the dog.
Doggy Day Care operates from Mon – Fri and welcomes your dog for the day!